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    Woodward provides Control Systems for Steam Turbines

    Solar heat is one means of generating carbon dioxide–free energy power. In addition, energy-rich processes in industry produce a lot of heat that can be used for the generation of power. This makes it possible to significantly increase the overall efficiency rate of an installation.

    Whether from solar heated transfer agents (such as ammonia), or from the cooling water of diesel power stations (via heat exchangers), the surplus energy can be used for the generation of steam. Generated process steam may also contribute to the waste-to-energy.

    The integrated Turbine Generator Control (ITGC) by Woodward combines turbine control, generator circuit breaker control, load management, generator and turbine protection as well as turbine aux. systems power supply and control within one system. It also allows the entire regulation of the turbine (fresh steam pressure, exhaust steam pressure, extraction steam pressure or active power). These regulation functions - among others - can be taken over by the Woodward Digital Turbine Regulator 505 (for steam turbines with single- or split range actuators) or by the Digital Turbine Regulator 505E (for extension steam turbines).

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