Woodward Industrial Turbine Services

    Woodward Product Repair and Overhaul

    Repair and overhaul recommendations have been developed for Woodward valves, actuators, mechanical controls and auxiliary products utilizing reliability and operational data collected from field performance.

    The recommendations regarding Woodward auxiliary components have been developed to properly ensure the reliability, availability, and “safety of operation” expectations established for turbine engines. These recommendations include Woodward gas valves, actuators and mechanical controls. While there are electronic control systems designed to monitor and diagnose the operational performance of these components, control monitoring cannot replace normal preventative maintenance practices. It is important to follow these recommendations in order to avoid unnecessary and unscheduled shutdowns.

    A detailed analysis has compared repair records of returned units, field data and design criteria to determine the following recommendations. An overhaul of the component should be completed when the unit reaches either the “Operating Hours” or “Years in Service” interval, whichever comes first. Recommendations are based on “normal” operating conditions, fuel quality, past maintenance and environment. At specific installations that do not meet “normal” operating conditions, the required maintenance cycles may be different. Contact your local Woodward representative for a detailed evaluation of your site conditions and component inspection to determine alternative maintenance cycles, as required.

    Woodward Factory Servicing Options 

    The tabs below describe options for servicing Woodward products that are available through your local Full-Service Distributor, AISF or the OEM or packager of the equipment system. All are based on the standard Woodward Product and Service Warranty (5-01-1205) that is in effect at the time the product is originally shipped from Woodward or when a service is performed.  

    Flat Rate Repair is available for the majority of standard products in the field. This program offers you repair service for your products with the advantage of knowing in advance what the cost will be. All repair work carries the standard Woodward service warranty (Woodward Product and Service Warranty 5-01-1205) on replaced parts and labor.
    Flat Rate Remanufacture is very similar to the Flat Rate Repair option with the exception that the unit will be returned to you in “like-new” condition and carry with it the full standard Woodward product warranty (Woodward Product and Service Warranty 5-01-1205). This option is applicable to mechanical products only.
    Replacement/Exchange is a premium program designed for the user who is in need of immediate service. It allows you to request and receive a like-new replacement unit in minimum time (usually within 24 hours of the request), providing a suitable unit is available at the time of the request, thereby minimizing costly downtime. This is a flat-rate program and includes the full standard Woodward product warranty (Woodward Product and Service Warranty 5-01-1205). This option allows you to call your Full-Service Distributor in the event of an unexpected outage, or in advance of a scheduled outage, to request a replacement control unit. If the unit is available at the time of the call, it can usually be shipped out within 24 hours. You replace your field control unit with the like-new replacement and return the field unit to the Full-Service Distributor. Charges for the Replacement/Exchange service are based on a flat rate plus shipping expenses. You are invoiced the flat rate replacement/exchange charge plus a core charge at the time the replacement unit is shipped. If the core (field unit) is returned within 60 days, a credit for the core charge will be issued.

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    Product Maintenance Recommendations
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