Support for Industrial Turbine Control Products

Woodward's global network of independent Business Partners and our turbine manufacturer and packager customers provide an extensive range of technical and other aftersales support services for your Woodward control products.

Most Woodward turbine control and fuel system products are installed and configured at the factory of the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) or equipment packager. In many cases, the OEM or packager is the best source for product service and support.

Warranty service for Woodward products shipped with an equipment system should be handled through the OEM or packager. Please review your equipment documentation for details.

Technical Support

If you are experiencing problems with the installation or unsatisfactory performance of a Woodward product, the following options are available:

•  Consult the troubleshooting guideline in the manual. Publications are available on-line here.

•  Contact the manufacturer or packager of your system

•  Contact the Woodward Business Partner serving your area. The list of business partners is available here

• Contact Woodward technical assistance via email.  In your email, please include your contact information, the location where you need technical assistance, the Woodward product name, item number and serial number, and a brief description of your problem. Woodward's Industrial Turbomachinery Systems group will forward your inquiry to the appropriate support organization to contact you.

OEM and Packager Support - Many Woodward controls and control devices are installed into the equipment system and programmed by an OEM or equipment packager at their factory. In many cases, the programming is password-protected by the OEM or packager, and they are the best source for product service and support.

Warranty service for Woodward products shipped with an equipment system should also be handled through the OEM or Packager. Please review your equipment system documentation for details.

Woodward Business Partner Support - Woodward has established a global network of independent Business Partners whose mission is to serve the users of Woodward controls, as described here:

  • A Full Service Distributor has the primary responsibility for sales, service, system integration solutions, technical desk support, and aftermarket marketing of standard Woodward products within a specific geographic area and market segment.
  • An Authorized Independent Service Facility (AISF) provides authorized service that includes repairs, repair parts, and warranty service on Woodward's behalf. Service (not new unit sales) is an AISF's primary mission.
  • A Recognized Turbine Retrofitter (RTR) is an independent company that retrofits and upgrades turbine controls, and can provide the full line of Woodward systems and components for retrofits and overhauls, emission compliance upgrades, long term service contracts, emergency repairs, etc.

A current list of Woodward Business Partners is available at

Woodward Support

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