Internship Testimonials


    Jacek Kopec

    Jacek Kopec

    Electrical Engineer

    Krakow, Poland

    Jacek graduated from Automation Control and Robotics at the Cracow University of Technology.  He started his internship in May 2014 and in November 2014, he become a Woodward Member. Now he is working as an Electrical Engineer in the Engine Systems Cabinet Engineering Department.

    "First I would like to say thank you to all people I was cooperating with, during my internship, especially my leader and mentor. It was a great opportunity to learn from the best specialists in the field of automation and electrical. What I really appreciate is that Woodward gave me a chance to be involved in very interesting engineering projects. I was participating in about 15 turbine or engine systems applications during my 6 months working as an intern. Also, working in a multicultural environment and therefore receiving feedback with various points of view is a powerful value added. Currently I’m working as an Electrical Engineer in Engine Systems Cabinet Engineering department. My main duties are designing control wirings, mechanical layouts and supporting production of control cabinets."



    Shivansh Yadav 

    Application Engineer

    Turbine Systems, Woodward India


    Shivansh completed his studies in Electrical Engineering at the YMCA University of Science and Technology, Faridabad.  He began working with Woodward as an Intern and has joined us permanently as an Application Engineer in July 2011.   

    "It’s been a great and wonderful experience and I am implementing what I have learned in my college.  What I really like about Woodward is the healthy working environment. They have given me an opportunity to grow and improve my technical and presentation skills.  I am really thankful to my mentor for my overall development.  He is very cooperative and helpful.  Presently, I am working on Power Management projects and studying different controllers of Woodward related to Power Management”.









    Aken Intern Stefan Schierz 002.jpg     

    Stefan Schierz  

    Woodward Graduate

    Engine Systems, Aken, Germany 


    Stefan came to work at Woodward having graduated in 2008.  He studied Automotive Engineering as a major subject.  He had already decided before his studies that he would apply for a job with Woodward.   Woodward Aken is located 25 minutes away from his home village and it is the only employer in this region who manufactures component parts for engines.


    “I was also interested in working in such a good business climate, I applied for the position of a Product Engineer in the Product Support department at Woodward Aken.

    At Woodward, I have learned about the different products we produce in Aken, and I have acquired a lot of knowledge about injection pumps (engine systems) and inspection actions for warranty claims.

    After 2 years, I received the opportunity to start working in the Research and Development department.  Here, I am able to use my acquired knowledge and work more creatively by developing Common Rail Pumps in a great team!”