Woodward Industrial Turbine Fuel Control Valves

    Liquid Fuel Control Valves for Gas Turbine Applications

    Woodward’s liquid valve platforms are designed for small, aeroderivative, and heavy frame turbines incorporating either positive displacement or centrifugal pumps. Platforms range from small industrial turbines under 15 MW to Heavy Frame Turbines exceeding 200 MW. The designs include two-way throttling and three-way bypass. Liquid shutoff valves are available in either bypass or two-way configurations.

    Liquid fuel control valves that utilize bypass technology should only be used with positive displacement fuel pumps, while Woodward’s two-way throttling valves are compatible with centrifugal or other pressure source type fuel pumping systems. Both hydraulic and electrically actuated units can be supplied, and all valves are fitted with single- or multi-coil position feedback transducers that allow the external control system to accurately position the valve.
    Some versions are available with a pressurizing valve for fuel systems where downstream manifold pressures are unusually low. Upon loss of control signal or hydraulic pressure the valves automatically move to the failsafe, fuel off position.

    Liquid fuel shutoff valves can be supplied with either electrical solenoid or hydraulic trip mechanisms.

    In addition to individual control and shutoff valves, Woodward has developed a wide range of complete fuel systems. These fuel systems can be modeled and tested as a system in order to provide desired performance prior to manufacturing and/or full engine testing. Depending on the turbines’ requirements they can include sensors, shutoff valves, bleed valves, drain valves, etc.

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