Woodward Industrial Turbine Fuel Control Valves

    Liquid Fuel Control Valves for Gas Turbines


    LQ25T Liquid Fuel Control Valve Platform

    Woodward’s LQ25T liquid valve is an electrically actuated, rotary fuel control valve for industrial and aeroderivative gas turbine use. The LQ25T liquid fuel control valve is for industrial and aeroderivative gas turbine engines in the 6000 to 42,000 kW output power range.

    The valve is a two-way liquid fuel flow control valve utilizing a throttling type delta P regulator. This allows the valve to control pressure drop across the control port without bypassing fuel, making it ideal for centrifugal or other pressure source type fuel pumping systems. The valve incorporates an integral brushless DC limited-angle torque motor to position the control ports.

    An external DVP (Digital Valve Positioner) is required in that it accepts both of the position resolver feedback devices as well as an input command signal. The valve platform comes with any of three fuel control port sizes (0.1 sq in; 0.2 sq in; 0.3 sq in) to accommodate a wide variety of applications. The LQ25T is compatible with most industrial liquid fuels with varying viscosities and lubricity.

    An optional feature includes a secondary resolver for redundant valve position feedback.

    Learn more from the LQ25T product specification