Woodward MotoHawk for Academia

    Teaching with Woodward’s MotoHawk® Software and Hardware Tool

    MotoHawk Suite

    The MotoHawk suite of rapid controls development tools enable controls engineering students to develop complex, robust control systems within the graphical environment of Simulink®. No source code needed.

    MotoHawk provides a wealth of base control algorithms. It also allows easy design of CAN interfaces, managing faults and diagnostics, and complex I/O such as fuel injection sequencing and engine synchronization. Operating system configurations, like task priorities and coherent data transfer, are also easy to implement with MotoHawk.

    Included in the MotoHawk suite are the MotoHawk design software, MotoTune configuration tools, MotoFlash production tools, and MotoService service tools.

    The MotoHawk system also includes a range of electronic control modules. These are especially designed and built for use in harsh automotive, heavy-duty, and industrial environments. With a wide range of processing power and I/O capabilities, these modules can be used for everything from early control system prototyping to full-volume production. They also provide a straightforward migration path to meet changing application requirements.

    A Hands-On Solution for the Classroom  

    MotoHawk training models include curriculum material such as student workbooks, detailed set-up guides, and pre-designed Simulink controllers, allowing instructors to:

            • Give students hands-on experience with industry practices such as control system prototyping, system wiring, I/O matching, hardware-in-the-loop testing and simulation, and CAN based ECU-to-ECU communication. 
            • Demonstrate the variety of MotoHawk controllers and the migration of a model to different controllers. 
            • Use calibration tools to tune controller parameters and monitor signals in real-time on the ECU.
            • Illustrate and utilize various control strategies such as PID and feed-forward control on an electronic throttle, or fuel injector and coil control on a simulated EFI engine.
            • Provide students with best practices of MotoHawk model development and control strategy, auto-documentation, and automated testing.

    Tools to Get Started:

            • Woodward’s MotoHawk Development Kit
            • GNU C Compiler
            • MathWorks MATLAB
            • MathWorks Simulink
            • MathWorks Real-Time Workshop and Embedded Coder
            • MathWorks Stateflow and Stateflow Coder

    To get started, contact Woodward at MCSInfo@woodward.com.

    MATLAB and Simulink are registered trademarks of The MathWorks, Inc.

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