Motor Protection

    Motor Protection

    To ensure day-to-day electrical induction motors keep processes running, and to maximize the motor’s operating life, Woodward offers a variety of highly-adaptable Intelligent Electronic Devices to protect them against inadmissible electrical, thermal, or mechanical stress.

    The following product lines offer the right Motor Protection products for your needs. (A detailed overview of the additional featured protection modules can be found in this PDF Comparison Chart.)


    HighPROTEC line

    The new HighPROTEC line is the latest generation of complete protection for medium-voltage power systems.

    This product line stands for the most sophisticated Motor Protection relays with the highest adaptability to Low Voltage, Medium Voltage, and High Voltage Motors.

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    HighPROTEC Motor Protection devices:

    MRMV4 MRM4

    High Tech Line

    These modular relays combine well-proven technology with easy handling.

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    High Tech Line Motor Protection devices:

    MRM3‑2‑I MRM3‑2‑IE

    Professional Line

    Comprehensive protective functions and competitive performance ratio are the hallmark of these relays.

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    Learn more about the XM1 Professional Line Motor Protection Relay.