Woodward Motors and Accessories

Woodward is an Industry Leader in Design and Development of Electric Motors and Related Accessory Devices for Aerospace and Defense Motion-Control Applications

Motors FamilyProduct Specialties
Woodward’s areas of motor expertise include AC Motors, Brushless DC Motors, DC Brush Motors, and Stepper Motors along with accessory devices including Brakes, Clutches, Tachometers & Alternators, and Eddy-Current Dampers.

Our motor products can be supplied fully packaged as airframe LRUs (line-replaceable units), simply housed for use in more protected environments, or completely frameless for direct-drive installations. Woodward housed motors can also be supplied directly mated to our own gearheads (as a powerdrive unit) or with a leadscrew output as needed to deliver greater torque or force to the payload. 

Power Options

Most of our products can be wound for a broad range of supply voltages for use on equivalent DC links of less than 28 Volts to greater than 600 Volts.

Qualification & Related Experience
Woodward’s qualification testing and everyday service experience includes the full Aerospace/Military ranges for:

• Vibration
• Shock
• Temperature
• Altitude
• Moisture, etc.

Woodward is at the forefront of providing reliable and affordable, advanced technology motors and servomotors solutions. For more information or assistance with your particular application, contact us at afs-motors@woodward.com. 




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