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    Result Type37494 - MSLC-2 PRODUCT SPECIFICATION7/16/2017 8:56:36 PM

    of 8 bus segments in one application. The MSLC-2’s load sensor and load control sense true RMS power … provide master control for up to 32 DSLC and an additional 15 MSLC-2 in a system.  Two dedicated Ethernet lines for precise … initiates control hand off to the next designated MSLC-2 master.  The MSLC-2 hardware is adjustable for multiple applications … ...

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    Result Type37607 - MSLC-2 DSLC-2 GUIDEFORM SPECIFICATION7/16/2017 8:58:17 PM

    DSLC-2/MSLC-2 GUIDEFORM SPECIFICATION #37607A, 06/2015 Copyright Woodward © 2015 All Rights Reserved … DSLC-2; Digital Synchronizer and Load Control MSLC-2; Master Synchronizer and Load Control Table of … system consisting of Woodward DSLC-2 & MSLC-2 series controllers. Redundant Ethernet communications … ...

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    Software Version 1.15xx Manual 37444F MSLC-2 … Woodward All Rights Reserved. Manual 37444F MSLC-2 -Master Synchronizer and Load Control © Woodward … In a Ring Structured application, the MSLC-2 Tie breaker control that connects segment 8 to segment … ...

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    Result TypeDE37494 - MSLC-2 PRODUCT SPECIFICATION (GERMAN)7/16/2017 9:17:14 PM

    MSLC-2 / DSLC-2 … System kommunizieren. Für isolierte Systeme mit mehreren Generatoren kann das MSLC-2™ zum Betreiben von Kuppelschaltern zwischen … eine übergeordnete Steuerung für bis zu 32 DSLC™ und 15 weitere MSLC-2™ in einem System bereitstellen. • Dedizierte Ethernet-Verbindung … und Sammelschienenparameter mit Trendfunktion kann das MSLC-2™ leicht in Betrieb genommen werden … ...

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    Result TypeES37494 - MSLC-2 PRODUCT SPECIFICATION (SPANISH)7/16/2017 9:37:12 PM

    Especificaciones del producto ES37494 MSLC-2™ Sincronizador principal y control de carga … comunican de forma activa el DSLC-2’s™ individual y otros MSLC-2’s™ en el sistema. En sistemas de generadores múltiples aislados, el MSLC-2™ se puede utilizar para interruptores de … proporcionar el control principal para hasta 32 DSLC™ y un 15 MSLC-2™ adicional en un sistema. Línea Ethernet exclusiva para … ...

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    Result TypeIT37494 - MSLC-2 PRODUCT SPECIFICATION (ITALIAN)7/16/2017 9:41:06 PM

    MSLC-2 / DSLC-2...

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    Result TypePL37494 - MSLC-2 PRODUCT SPECIFICATION (POLISH)7/16/2017 9:45:39 PM

    MSLC-2 / DSLC-2...

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    Result TypeFR37494 - MSLC-2 PRODUCT SPECIFICATION (FRENCH)7/16/2017 9:38:15 PM

    MSLC-2 / DSLC-2...

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    Result Type03441 - DSLC TO DSLC-2 CONVERSION KIT7/16/2017 8:31:12 PM

    use on three-phase AC generators. The DSLC-2 and MSLC-2 will perform the same functionality as the … upgrade the DSLC/MSLC system with a DSLC-2/MSLC-2 system. The existing LONTM will have to be changed … DSLC-2 and from a MSLC to MSLC-2  Wire-for-wire compatible  New Ethernet communications replaces … Uses Toolkit service tool to configure DSLC-2 and MSLC-2 controls Woodward 03441 p.2 The six DSLC … ...

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    Result Type37493 - DSLC-2 PRODUCT SPECIFICATION7/16/2017 8:56:34 PM

    system applications. The DSLC-2/MSLC-2 combination provides multiple unit, segment, utility and … VAR sharing information between DSLC-2 and MSLC-2 units. Ethernet port B provides customer remote … system communications between all DSLC-2’s and MSLC-2’s reduces system wiring.  Ethernet Modbus TCP … multiple applications.  Integrated DSLC-2 and MSLC-2 system functionality eliminates the need for … ...

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