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    Result Type82384 - SPM-A MANUAL7/16/2017 9:11:24 PM

    1991–2007 All Rights Reserved Manual 82384 SPM-A Synchronizer Woodward i Contents WARNINGS AND … factory set for 1/2 second) The SPM-A Synchronizer with voltage matching has a 1% voltage match as … See the part number chart for other options. SPM-A Synchronizer Manual 82384 2 Woodward Option Chart … of operation of the two versions of the SPM-A Synchronizer. Figure 1-1 shows the SPM-A...

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    Result Type82383 - SPM-A SYNCRONIZER7/16/2017 9:11:22 PM

    Powered Governor (EPG) electric load sharing control systems. Description The SPM-A Synchr … H, 10/2004) SPM‐A Synchronizer Applications Woodward’s SPM-A Speed and Phase Matching Synchronizer … load sharing control systems. Description The SPM-A Synchronizer automatically generates a signal to … switch (customer supplied) connected to the SPM-A Synchronizer. The RUN mode allows synchronization … ...

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    Manual 26868 (Revision NEW, 5/2015) SPM-A Synchronizer See manual 82384 for complete installation … ...

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    1991) Original Instructions Adjustment of SPM-A Synchronizer to Lean-burn, Spark-ignited Gas Engines … All Rights Reserved Application Note 01301 Adj. SPM-A to Lean-burn Gas Engines Woodward 1 Warnings … loss of life, or property damage. Adj. SPM-A to Lean-burn Gas Engines Application Note 01301 2 … ...

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    Result TypeJA82384 - SPM-A MANUAL JAPANESE7/16/2017 9:43:42 PM

    設置要領、作動原理、調整用マニュアルSPM-A シンクロナイザWOODWARD GOVERNOR (JAPAN) LTD., 日本ウッドワードガバナー株式会社〒261-7119 千葉県千葉市美浜区中瀬 … 16 4-1. 同期投入角滞在 … X 9905-008 9905-009 9905-107 X 9907-028 X 9907-029 X 序文本マニュアルはSPM-Aシンクロナイザの据え付け、作動原理および調整方法に付いて説明してい … には電圧マッチング回路付きのタイプとマッチング回路なしの標準のタイプの2種類があります。これらのシンクロナイザは、様々な分野・規模における発電機アプリケーションに使用できます。SPM-A シンクロナイザでリーン・バーンの火花点火式ガス・エンジンを制御する場合の調整方法の詳細に … の範囲内で一致した状態が、指定された時間継続すると、自動的に遮断器を閉合します。SPM-A...

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    Result Type50511 - PREDICTION OF PHASE ANGLE AT BREAKER CLOSURE7/16/2017 9:02:33 PM

    Application Note 50511 (Revision A) Original Instructions Prediction of Phase Angle at Paralleling Breaker Closure Woodward reserves the right to update any portion of this publication at … the circuit-breaker time delay (Tb), selected SPM-A window (Φw), and selected SPM-A … allow (Φs) can be predicted. Φs is equal to Φ at the time the SPM-A issues the breaker closure command (Φw in the worst case … ...

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    Result Type82314 - GENERATOR LOAD SENSOR7/16/2017 9:10:52 PM

    EPG, and 2301A speed controls. It has an SPM-A synchronizer input and shares load with all Woodward … paralleled. System Block Diagram Showing Optional SPM-A Synchronizer  Adds gen set load sharing … essentially 0 burden. Optional Inputs SPM-A Synchronizer, Process/Import Export Control, Precise … ...

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    Application Note 51005 (Revision E, 1/2003) Original Instructions Retrofitting UG-8 Controlled Engines with 2301A Electronic Governing Woodward reserves the right to update any portion of this … or gas turbines. It is compatible with Woodward SPM-A Synchronizers, Load Sensors, and other power … 2301A is compatible with Woodward SPM-A Synchronizers, Automatic Generator Loading Controls, Process … ...

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    Result Type82686 - LOAD SHARING MODULE PRODUCT SPECIFICATION7/16/2017 9:12:29 PM

    Product Specification 82686 (Revision D, 5/2009) Load Sharing Module Applications Woodward makes models of its Load Sharing Module for use with engines equipped with speed controls that accept a 3 … system can include the Woodward SPM-A Synchronizer, SPM-D Synchronizer, Automatic Generator Loading … Sync Input Compatible with optional Woodward SPM-A synchronizer. Speed Trim Allows manual adjustment … ...

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    Result Type03407 - 2301E-ST DIGITAL CONTROL FOR SMALL STEAM TURBINES7/16/2017 8:30:11 PM

    Product Specification 03407 (Revision B, 7/2016) 2301E-ST Steam Turbine Control for Small Generator Applications Applications The 2301E-ST is a steam turbine control with internal algorithms designed to start/stop, control, and protect a small steam turbine driving a generator, pump, or compressor … unload transfer)  Generator synchronizer input (SPM-A or SPM-D)  Generator power-sensing input … ...

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