US (Skokie, Illinois)


Woodward MPC

7320 North Linder Avenue
Skokie, Illinois 60077 USA

phone: +1 (847) 673-8300
fax: +1 (847) 673-7144

Woodward's Skokie site provides industry-leading solutions for electromechanical flight control and utility actuation systems, fly-by-wire cockpit control systems, high-performance sensors, electric motors, and electromechanical components.


Our Skokie facilities are housed in five modern buildings; these facilitiese are all within a five-minute walking distance of each other, in a technology corridor located in the near-north suburbs of Chicago. We have extensively remodeled and expanded our facilities in recent years. This plant provides facilities for approximately 1,000 members to perform research, engineering, manufacturing, final assembly, environmental/certification testing, product support, administration, and marketing. Woodward's Skokie facilities total 409,000 square feet.


Woodward’s aircraft motion control & sensing products and total capabilities include:

Fly-By-Wire Cockpit Controls


Proven Primary/Secondary/Utility Actuation

Components Provider

System Integration Capabilities

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