Solar Energy Solutions


1000V Solar Inverters Earn ETL Certification


ETL Certification paves the way for widespread   
adoption of this proven, reliable and cost-
effective solution in the North American market.



Woodward's 1000V solar inverters reduce balance of system (BOS) installation costs by allowing connection of more modules per string, reducing the number of connection boxes and DC switches, lowering DC cable losses and simplifying the system design.  With efficiencies up to 98.2% and a wide maximum power point tracking (MPPT) range, the inverters help improve energy yield while offering one of the smallest footprints on the market.  - read more -


 Innovative Power Electronics Systems



Woodward IDS, formerly known as Integral Drive Systems AG, is a leading provider of innovative power electronic systems, predominantly for utility- and commercial-scale photovoltaic power plants and wind turbines. Additionally, Woodward IDS offers power electronics solutions for power distribution, energy storage, and marine propulsion applications.

Compact, High-efficiency Inverter Technologies
The company’s SOLO series of solar inverters has been proven in hundreds of PV (photovoltaic) solar installations.

SOLO inverters are designed to maximize the power output from a solar array based on current switching, liquid cooling, and MPPT (maximum power point tracking) technologies.

SOLO inverters are available in output ratings of 100, 250, 500, and now 1000 kW using exclusive D-Booster technology (patent pending).

All models are available for indoor (IP54) or outdoor (IP55) installation.

Extended-temperature-range (from -25°C to +55°C) and high-altitude (up to 3500 metres) configurations are available.

SOLO inverters feature a local color touch screen interface that provides a configurable display of electric power production, built-in diagnostic functions, and data-logger readout of important data.

Strong Global Presence
Woodward IDS is a subsidiary of Woodward, Inc., a financially strong, global organization that has been providing innovative technology to the energy markets since 1870. With its outstanding reputation, global presence, and strong technology background, Woodward is an ideal partner for long-term business relationships.

Ready for the Future
Committed to quality and continuously developing new technologies, such as new inverter topologies that increase reliability and efficiency, and working with higher DC and AC voltages – Woodward IDS offers a substantial cost advantage compared to conventional solutions.


The Woodward IDS SOLO photovoltaic inverter series with liquid cooling is used in grid-connected photovoltaic systems. They are easy to install and operate. Start-up and shut-down is automatic. Learn More...
Large photovoltaic power plants with installed peak power of several megawatts have to be connected to medium voltage distribution grids (f. e. 20 kV).Learn More...
The Woodward IDS SOLO String Boxes are collecting the string cables for further distribution to the Woodward IDS SOLO Inverters. Learn More...
The Woodward IDS Integrated Central Control (ICC) is a system developed for control of solar stations. The device controls all key parameters and functions of the solar station in order to ensure reliable and failure-free operation. Learn More... 

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