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    Woodward delivers electrical equipment for Genset Test Stands 

    Combined testing of Diesel/Gas engines and medium-voltage generators of higher capacities is complex and cost-intensive but necessarry to assure the quality of the product. This is increasingly demanded by customers as proof of performance.

    Woodward provides the electrical equipment for test stands, consisting of:

    Control System

    • System Automation, Data Acquisition and Logging System
    • Load Management System (LMS)

    MV Loading System

    • MV Distribution System
    • Modern MV Load Bank Technology in combination with wear-free DC-Thyristors with Phase Lopping Control for fine adjustment

    TheTest Stands are able to cover medium voltages from 3.3kV up to 13.8kV, frequencies of 50Hz and 60Hz, and generator power ranges up to 18MW and more. In contrast to conventional Diesel/Gas engine Test Stands with water brakes, Genset Test Stands use Resistor Load Bank, hence allowing testing of the complete machine set of engine, coupling and generator in a very realistic manner. The dynamic characteristics of the whole system can be verified during loading and defined loading cycles, vibration measurements can be made taking account of the interaction of the Diesel engine, coupling and generator. Also torsional and bending vibrations of coupled crank shaft and generator shaft can be measured. With this level of realism a range of problems can be eliminated, simplifying commissioning and increasing the likelihood of immediate satisfactory operation for the end-user.

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    Krefelder Weg 47

    47906 Kempen -Germany

    phone: +49 (0) 2152/145-358

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