Woodward OH2 Engine Control System

    Engine control system for heavy-duty natural gas trucks and buses


    OH2 Schematic.jpg 

    Woodward’s OH2.0 system succeeds the OH1.2 system to meet emissions standards up to Euro 5 and US 2010. The OH2 system entered production in 2006, and more than 19,000 are in the field to date. 

    The OH2 system’s enhanced capabilities provide a high level of both engine and vehicle controls: 

      • Lean Burn
      • Stoichiometric 
      • SPI and MPI capability
      • Knock and misfire detection
      • OBD

    Woodward’s OH2 software focuses specifically on the unique software requirements of heavy-duty gas engines. Our strategy is not derived from light duty automotive or diesel algorithms.

    These special algorithms for gas engines include:

      • FSO/Throttle open for exhaust brake function
      • VE compensation for natural gas
      • Integrated boost and DBW functions for TCI/throttled engines
      • Fuel system lock-off management
      • Advanced peak/hold injector control for low impedance gaseous injectors
      • Advanced ignition control for 24V systems with primary current management
        and diagnostics
      • Trim fuel system control for low cost systems
      • Min/max governor control like diesel
      • Humidity compensation

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