Woodward OH4 Engine Control System

    Stoichiometric Engine Control System for Medium Duty CNG Trucks
    and Buses 

    OH4 Schematic.jpg

    Woodward’s OH4 is a fully-integrated engine control system for stoichiometric, spark-ignited engines fueled by CNG (compressed natural gas). OH4’s integrated system of electronic controls, sensors, valves, and actuators work together to control precisely the air flow, fuel flow, exhaust flow, and combustion processes of the engine.

    Designed for medium-duty commercial vehicles such as city buses and trucks, OH4 is based upon Woodward’s experience in the heavy-duty commercial vehicle market. The system is comprised of heavy duty on-highway and mobile industrial components combined with on-highway software features.

    The OH4 system is designed to meet up through Euro 5 emission requirements, depending on engine performance. OH4 is applicable to engines from 67 kW to 112 kW (90 HP to 150 HP) with a maximum of six cylinders running on compressed natural gas in city buses and trucks.


    Learn how Woodward’s OH4 system can be customized to help you meet next-generation emissionswith high reliability and efficiency. 

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