Woodward OH6 Engine Control Systems

    Engine Control Systems for Medium and Heavy Duty CNG Trucks
    and Buses

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    OH6 is Woodward’s next generation engine control system for CNG-fueled medium and heavy trucks and buses. It is engineered to meet the world’s most stringent emission standards while still delivering the power and fuel economy demanded by today’s leading OEMs.

    The OH6 system is based upon Woodward’s 20 years of experience in the medium- and heavy-duty engine control market.

    Available as a complete system, OH6 provides for electronic control of air/fuel ratio, spark ignition, boost pressure, and air throttling on commercial vehicles operating on CNG or other alternative fuels.

    Features include :
    • Single Point Injection Fuel Metering Valve or Multi Point Injection capabilities
    • Lean Burn or Stoichiometric combustion strategy
    • Mis-fire and knock detection
    • System designed to meet EURO 6 and US 2010 emission standards
    • Compatible with CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) and LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas)


    Learn how Woodward’s OH6 system can be customized to help you meet next-generation emissions with high reliability and efficiency.

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