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    Woodward offers Visualization and SCADA Systems for Power Stations

    Input and output signals are available in electronic format, and can, therefore, be displayed on graphical screens per Woodward OEM customers’ standards. Each device on the shop floor has its own icon on the visualization screen and its status can be observed from the control room.

    For a better understanding of the interactions, the objects can be clustered into groups to facilitate operability. Woodward provides two options:


    • the first one uses browser technology as a web-based application, providing comfortable operation
    • the second one is based on Intouch 


    Remote control is also available. For the core components of Woodward’s automation system, we utilize worldwide accepted PLCs and software tools. Thus, you will easily find a skilled technician who is able to maintain the automation kit. Woodward can also provide a solution related to redundant PLCs as well as to redundant network topology and servers.

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    Woodward Power Solutions GmbH
    Krefelder Weg 47

    47906 Kempen -Germany

    phone: +49 (0) 2152/145-358

    phone: +49 (0) 2152/145-448

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