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An industry leader in aerospace and defense motion-control applications
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Woodward has been an industry leader in design and development of AC electric motors for aerospace and defense motion-control applications for nearly 50 years. Common motor applications include target and navigation servos, cabin pressure and fuel metering, utility actuation, as well as pump and fan drives.

Our AC motors include both induction machines and hysteresis-synchronous technology. Woodward offers induction motors with copper or aluminum rotor conductors for optimal motor performance.


Standard AC motors are sized in the popular inch-series diameter codes from Size 8 to Size 23 (.8” to 2.3”) and a variety of core lengths. Woodward also offers several larger sized motors, up to 8 inches in nominal diameter.


Woodward’s motors are predominantly 400-Hertz frequency for common aircraft/military power. Other frequencies,including variable frequency, are also available.

Winding Options

Winding configurations include both two-phase (control motors) primarily for lower power legacy servos, as well as three-phase machines for actuation and turbomachinery up to about 20 horsepower.

Woodward AC motors have a high-temperature construction and an insulation system rated to +220°C minimum.

Woodward’s AC motors are most often supplied completely housed in simple packaging or as aircraft line-replaceable units (LRUs) — depending on the requirements of the application. Woodward can also supply integral accessory devices including tachometers, brakes, and gearheads.

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