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MotoHawk-Enabled ECM Hardware

Woodward offers an array of rugged Electronic Control Modules (ECMs) for automotive, marine, and heavy-duty vehicle applications.
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MotoHawk-Enabled Electronic Control Modules

Woodward offers an array of rugged Electronic Control Modules (ECMs) for automotive, marine, and heavy-duty vehicle applications. Our ECMs have been specified for:

  • Engine
  • Hydraulic
  • Powertrain
  • Hybrid Vehicle
  • General Purpose Control

Woodward engineers are continually adding new levels of functionality to our ECMs.

Many companies eliminate costly tooling bills and provide a faster path to production by specifying an existing Woodward ECM, rather than developing a new one for their application. For customers with existing hardware solutions, we also support custom hardware with our tools and software.

Woodward ECMs are built for extreme environmental conditions; durable and completely sealed, making them suitable for numerous applications:

  • Automotive
  • Commercial Truck
  • Marine
  • Industrial

They meet full production environmental and packaging requirements.

Our ECMs are economical both in small quantities for rapid prototyping and fleet testing, and large quantities for production. They range from 24 pins to 128 pins and come with 16-bit and 32-bit microprocessors including the HCS12, MPC5XX, and MPC55XX. View or download ECM summary guide.

In addition to ECMs, Woodward offers a full range of sensors, actuators, and custom wiring harnesses for complete control systems. These components can be combined to create complete control systems such as engine management systems (EMS) and are shipped directly to your manufacturing floor.

For information on MotoHawk software and its use on MotoHawk-Enabled ECM's (click here)


Where to Buy

MotoHawk Control Solutions Partners can assist with your selection and purchase of any MotoHawk product

On our website:
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Eontronix, China
Automotive electronics are gaining more and more significance. The number of electronic control modules (ECUs) in automobiles is consistently increasing. In-vehicle networks that connect all the ECUs lead to higher performance and greater cost reduction. The development of these technologies and products requires advanced tools for prototyping, testing, calibration, and validation. Eontronix has been teaming up with renown US/European companies in the automotive electronics industry to provide such development tools to customers in China and other Asian countries.

Faar Industry, Europe 
FAAR Industry is the European distributor of MotoHawk Controls Solutions. FAAR Industry specializes in the development of electronic embedded systems, from prototyping to low-volume production programs. Products are available through its web store.

FAAR Industry's capabilities in the automotive, off-road vehicle, and marine markets offer customers:

  • Tools and off-the-shelf products for embedded applications development: ECU, prototyping and software development tools, CAN and LIN interfaces with data treatment software 'EASY CAN', embedded displays
  • Embedded systems expertise: R&D department working from prototype to low-volume production programs for OEMs
  • Powertrain and innovation proficiencies
  • Engineering services related to embedded systems development  

Cybernet Systems Taiwan
Cybernet Systems Taiwan is an important stronghold of CYBERNET in Asia Pacific. It delivers advanced, high-performance mathematical computation tools, optical system design, characterization and measurement of a wide variety of light-emitting components and systems, electronic design automation (EDA) solutions and auto electronics design tools, as well as providing connected technical support, training and customer service.

ControlWorks Inc., Korea
ControlWorks is well known as an automotive electronics and control solutions systems provider in Korea. Specifically, ControlWorks offers RCP (rapid control prototype) type ECUs, HILs (hardware-in-the-loop simulation) systems, data acquisition systems, internal combustion engine control systems, and more. ControlWorks also provides customized control solutions according to the customer's need for all areas requiring application-specific control solutions, such as construction equipment, agricultural machinery, watercraft, defense armored vehicles, railway vehicles, and aviation as well.

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