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CT-Powered Prot. (1A CTs+Dual P.+Modbus)

Dual Powered Option (140 VAC or 200 VDC) and Modbus (RS485)
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About WIP13I1E1M

Protection Relays

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1A CTs + Dual Power + RS485 with Modbus: The WIP1 is a self-powered time overcurrent relay with multi-characteristics and including earth fault protection. Definite time and inverse time tripping characteristics can be selected. Due to its wide setting ranges, the tripping characteristic can be selected to protect a wide variety of different equipment. The WIP1 does not require any aux. voltage supply, consequently it can also be used for switchboards with-out auxiliary power supply. It takes its power supply energy from the C.T. circuits and provides the tripping pulse energy to the circuit breaker.
The WIP1 is a robust protective device that is designed for a long-time operation with minimum maintenance efforts even under extreme climate conditions. 

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