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Editor GAP 3.X

Control System Programming

Editor GAP 3 is a licensed software tool that allows control engineers to custom design a control system for any application. GAP 3 is a proven high level machine language in block format with easy to learn and use diagram entry structure familiar to control engineers.
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Woodward’s Graphical Application Programmer (GAP™) 3 Editor utilizes a third-generation language developed by Woodward. The self-documenting GAP software allows control engineers to custom design a control system for any application.   This high level machine language is in a block format, putting many lines of code in each block to achieve a desired function. The advantage of using a block format is that individual lines of code do not need to be debugged, since each program block has already been debugged during development, testing, and field applications. 

For ease of learning and use, the GAP software diagram entry screen has the look and feel of several software simulator tools familiar to many control engineers. 


  • Designed for engine or turbine control engineers
  • Minimal programming skills needed
  • Windows® “.NET” based, blockoriented editor
  • Self-generating C code
  • GAP™ blocks are proven, tested software routines
  • Powerful editing, navigation and documentation features
  • Automatic change logging
  • Allows MATLAB® / Simulink® * code importing
  • Optional monitoring package available
  • Optional trending package available
  • Compatible with NetSim™ simulation tools

GAP 3.14 is the latest Graphical Application Programmer tool for use with versions 3.08, 4.04 and newer of the coder. Coders newer than version 5.06 can only be programmed with GAP 3.