5009 Tools

    Executable GAP Software for the 5009XT Standard Steam Turbine MicroNet TMR control system.
    This file can be loaded onto the control CPU's using AppManager.

    System Requirements:

    • Control System part numbers 8262-1141, 8262-1142, or 8262-1143
    • CPU part number 5466-1347

    Installation Instructions:

    1.    Update the GAP application using the following procedure:

      • If unit has been configured: Download the current tunable settings file from the control. If unfamiliar with using Control Assistant, refer to 5009XT manual 35135V2, Appendix J for step-by-step instructions on “Retrieving Control Tunables” from the 5009XT.
      • If unfamiliar with using AppManager, refer to 5009XT manual 35135V2, Appendix G for step-by-step instructions.
      • Using AppManager, in the Control application view panel, Stop the application by selecting Control/Stop Application or the Maroon Square button on the right side Toolbar.
      • Under Control menu, select Transfer Application Files.
      • In the dialog box that opens browse to find the new GAP executable file named: 5418-7830_<Rev>.out
      • When transfer is complete, select the file and start the application by selecting Control/Start Application or the Blue Triangle button on the right side Toolbar.
      • If unit was configured: Upload the current tunable settings file (from step 1) from your PC into the control. Refer to 5009XT manual 35135V2, Appendix J, “Sending Control Tunables”.
      • Procedure complete. The application file is now in AutoStart, and the control will boot up normally after any power cycle.



    5009 Tools
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