GAP Editor/Monitor


    GAP 4.05-3 is the latest Graphical Application Programmer tool for use with recent GAP programmer (coder) versions

    What's new in 4.05:

    • 4.05-3: Adjusted the .sid schema to be compatible with older coders and the RemoteView tool
    • 4.05-3: Fixed a possible error with HMI_PT-referenced constant values
    • 4.05-3: Fixed a link position problem when undo/redoing a group move
    • 4.05-2: Fixed a rategroup crossing bug for shared tunable values
    • 4.05-2: Fixed some performance problems which arose when the FindBlock dialog was open
    • 4.05-2: Made Userblock shading optional
    • 4.05-1: Fixed a bug compiling OLC-protected applications with interface values with a default value
    • 4.05-1: Fixed a delay when deleting or pasting items with the FindBlock dialog open
    • 4.05: Hardened DCOM (OPC) security for CVE-2021-26414 as required by Microsoft's KB5004442
    • 4.05: Support for the new ProTech Guardian SDS template
    • 4.05: Shared tunable values for Interface input points and Userblock inputs in the same rategroup
    • 4.05: Input value constraints for module interface points and Userblock inputs
    • 4.05: Commands for saving and loading block conversion mappings
    • 4.05: Monitor context menu items for generating Excel formulas for SOS2Excel ("RTD") functionality
    • 4.05: When branching to a field, highlights the target port, input text and/or field.  Pressing the Alt key while branching also opens the target block's properties dialog
    • 4.05: More complete dark window color theme
    • 4.05: Many fixes for bugs which broke on-line change compatibility
    • Many other minor enhancements and bug fixes (see the WhatsNew help topic)

    Previous versions: 

    • 4.04: Support for new time-based software licenses
    • 4.03-1: Cancel button in Completeness Check
    • 4.03: Support for protected module bundles
    • 4.02-3 Support for new Guardian ODS control
    • 4.02-1 Honors existing GAP3 licenses for all GAP3 functionality in GAP4
    • 4.02 Code security strategy for MicroNet 1.02 and subsequent coders (encrypted external files, obfuscated generated code)
    • 4.02 Off-line and on-line (Monitor GAP) curve table editor
    • 4.02 Support for new Dual-Redundant Flex500 platform (Flex500 1.04)
    • 4.02 GAP4 can read GAP3 project files. GAP4 finds templates and block helpfiles in GAP4 as well as GAP3 folder paths. GAP4.02-1 and above honor GAP3 licenses for GAP3 functionality
    • 4.01-4: Fixes default expected references for interface input points
    • 4.01-3: Fixes sharing GAP 3/4 licenses on a USB-stick
    • 4.01-1: Includes MicroNetTMR 1.01 template
    • On-line change protection mode ("OLC").  Support for making changes to a MicroNet control without shutting down
    • New template files for MicroNet 1.01 and PGX 1.04 and PGX 1.05
    • Quick block insert
    • New automatic block naming options
    • Support for module interface points
    • Axiom_RBox510 1.00, Flex500 1.02, MicroNetTMR 1.00, ProTech/MSM 3.0 templates
    • Support for ProTech/MSM 3.0 (new math functions)
    • Dialog for publishing multiple modules through the a project publish operation
    • Flex200 1.00, GAPCoder 5.08, LECM 1.01 and LECM 1.02 templates
    • Support for LECM UDS protocol
    • Invert input bubble (represents a NOT block) 
    • Added support for the SL_MASTER block (interface to another GAP application through a Sid file)
    • Find Text feature to search for text anywhere in a project
    • Support for LECM SharedMemoryRegion interface
    • Module groups in project tree
    • GAP external API with support for a Microsoft Powershell implementation
    • Integrated support for building C-Userblocks (C_FUNCTIONS with a friendly interface)
    • Dead Code analysis tool incorporated into Completeness check
    • A2L file generation for LECM
    • External file mode option for GAP projects
    • Made userblocks copyable across instances of GAP
    Made userblocks copyable across instances of GAP

    System Requirements:

    Monitor Mode Requirements:
    • An embedded OPC server on the control or the SOS server connected to a "Classic" servlink implementation on the control
    • A GAP Monitor License activated through the License menu of the GAP program
    Database export requirements:
    • Microsoft Access 2007

    Installation Instructions:

    1. The first step in installing GAP4 is to download the file from this page. This file is an installation program that will step you through the installation process. NOTE: If you do not have the Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6.2 already installed on your PC, the install will lead you to the Microsoft web site.
    2. After downloading this file, run it and follow the instructions on the setup dialogs.
    3. The software can be used for viewing an application.  Editing and Monitoring functionality each require a software license which must be purchased from an authorized Woodward representative. Software licenses for GAP2 will not work with GAP4 (but GAP3 licenses will).
    4. Licenses can by applied to a PC's hard disk and/or a USB memory stick (for a movable license). In order to apply a license select 'Authorize Editor License' or 'Authorize Monitor License' from the 'License' menu.
    5. Access the License Authorization page of this web site where you will be prompted for the serial number of your license and the site code from the step above.
    6. Enter the License Key from the previous step into the Gap Authorization dialog box and click OK.

    License Part Numbers:
    GAP Editor Software license part number: 8928-5359
    GAP Monitoring Software license part number: 8928-5361



    GAP Editor/Monitor
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