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​The NetSim™ Advanced program is a simulation service tool that allows GAP application programs to be run and tested against turbine models on a computer before they are downloaded into the control. With NetSim Advanced, once a GAP application program has been created it can then be executed against a simulated turbine package to simulate the closed-loop control operation. This seat license is used to authorize a NetSim Advanced software program, and only includes a program authorization serial number for one computer (seat).
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NetSim provides accurate control simulation for a wide variety of Woodward hardware platforms. The GAP code is compiled for simulation or for the target hardware in an identical manner. NetSim ensures the preservation of the dynamic performance from NetSim to the actual target hardware.

Supported hardware platforms include:
  • MicroNet™ Plus (5200 processor)
  • MicroNet™ (Pentium processor)
  • MicroNet TMR® (5200 processor)
  • MicroNet TMR® (040 processor)
  • Atlas-II™ (5200 processor)
  • AtlasPC™ (Pentium processor)
  • 2301D (floating point compilation)
  • MCU
NetSim has been applied to gas turbine generator packages, co-gen stations, mainline steam turbines, large process refrigeration systems, natural gas pipeline stations, marine applications, and more. As long as a model exists or can be generated, any application can be
simulated in the NetSim environment.


  • Works with GAP™ Programming Environment
  • View GAP blocks during simulation
  • Built-in data logging
  • Built-in clock control
  • Interfaces with MATLAB & MatrixX
  • Runs on PC or Laptop using Windows 2000, XP, Vista, and 7 (32-bit)
  • Saves valuable commissioning time
  • Allows system response validation

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