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SonicFlo GCV PM Kit

Service Kit, 5 GPM, LPT

Hydraulic manifold maintenance kit for 4" and 6" SonicFlo gas control metering valves with 5 GPM servo, low pressure trip cartridge, filter element, and O-rings replacement between major overhauls.
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Woodward hydraulic actuated SonicFlo™ Gas Control Valve (GCV) located on the main fuel skid are critical fuel delivery system components in the overall startup, operating efficiency, emissions control and safety of the gas turbine.
Guidelines for service have been developed to properly ensure the reliability, availability, and “safety of operation” requirements established for turbine engines. While there are electronic control systems designed to monitor and diagnose the operational performance of these components, control monitoring cannot replace normal preventative maintenance practices. It is important to follow these recommendations in order to avoid unnecessary and unscheduled shutdowns.
Woodward’s industry leading design and performance enable preventative maintenance intervals to coincide with regular gas turbine combustion, and hot gas path inspections between major overhauls.
Woodward’s SonicFlo™ Gas Control Valve (GCV) are intelligently designed to enable you to perform self-maintenance while remaining installed in-line of the fuel system. Replaceable components are conveniently located on the hydraulic manifold block of the valve and actuator. Under normal conditions, Woodward recommends service of hydraulic manifold components with every combustion and hot gas path inspection interval or sooner depending on cleanliness of hydraulic oil at your site.
Instructions for replacement of hydraulic manifold components are documented in the specific Woodward product manual for your serial number / part number. Product manuals and the Woodward authorized service kits that contain the components necessary for self-maintenance can be found on Woodward’s website via the product lookup with your Woodward serial number and part number entered.
Preventative maintenance of the hydraulic fluid system components on the valve enable assurance of accurate actuation and safety shutdown.

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