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Load Sharing Module

Woodward’s LSM (Load Sharing Module) provides isochronous and droop load-sharing capability for engines in generator set applications. Additional equipment in the control system can include the Woodward SPM-A synchronizer, import/export control, AGLC (automatic generator loading control), and APTL (automatic power transfer and loading control).
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About 9907-838

Synchronization and Load Share Control

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Woodward LSM models are used on engines equipped with speed controls that accept a ±3 Vdc speed setting input, a 0.5 to 4.5 Vdc input, or a PWM (pulse-width-modulated) input. The LSM allows use of Woodward power generation accessories, as well as load sharing between engines equipped with speed controls that are not manufactured by Woodward and engines controlled with Woodward electronic controls, or controls using other Woodward load sharing modules.

Features include:

  • Load sharing with Woodward and non-Woodward equipped engines
  • Isochronous and droop load
  • Easy to setup

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