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Gas, 1.5”, 0.30, 125Vdc, SST, ANSI

The GS40 is a robust self-cleaning gas fuel metering rotary control 1.5” inlet/discharge stainless steel valve with ANSI 600# flanges and integrated 125 Vdc power input electric direct drive (gearless) actuator with on-board front panel connect driver for API616 aeroderivative, and small heavy duty gas turbine control. Designed for extreme use to meet extended production cycles requiring longer mean time between overhauls.
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About 9908-1604

Aeroderivative|Small Heavy Duty

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The Woodward GS40 series gas fuel metering valve is the latest version of rotary control valves utilizing an integrated direct drive (gearless) actuator and on-board front panel connect driver built on decades of application experience in the gas turbine market. The self-cleaning, shear-type metering action keeps the metering port free from performance-limiting deposits of gas condensates, contaminants, and system debris making it ideal for applications ranging from clean pipeline to wellhead gas.  The new robust gearless direct drive design delivers extended mean time between overhauls (MTBO) to meet plant operators’ longer production cycles and alignment with major overhaul periods in your specific application.


Gas turbines

  • Aeroderivative
  • Small Heavy Duty

Driving generators, compressors, turbo-expanders, fans, and pumps.

As OEMs and operators continue to push the limits of fuel quality and energy content in combustion, higher fuel pressures and temperatures are required to deliver reliable light-off, emissions control, and turbine efficiency.  The new GS line of valves is built for rated gas supply pressures up to 1440 psig (9928 kPa) and fuel temperature ranges from -40° to +350 °F (-40° to +177 °C).  Now you can safely upgrade your existing system knowing that your investment will meet changing fuel requirements at your plant leveraging the robust features of this GS40 valve.


  • Actuator: Integrated Electric Direct Drive (Gearless), Spring Return Fail Safe
  • Driver: On-board, Embedded Service Tools,  Front Panel Connect
  • Valve: Stainless Steel Body with Self- Cleaning Rotary Ball
  • Inlet/Discharge:  1.5 inch ANSI 600# RF Flanges
  • Trim Size:  0.30”2 ACD
  • Fuel Temperature:  -40°F to 350°F (-40 to +177°C)
  • Fuel Pressures Rating: 1440 psig (9928 kPa)
  • Leakage Shut-Off: ANSI B16.5 Class IV
  • Input Power: 125 VDC (90-140 VDC)
  • IIoT: Ready
  • SIL:  Ready
  • Analog and Digital I/O
  • Certified for Global Hazardous Locations


  • Robust direct drive design allows for longer service between overhauls (MTBO >64k Hours) to maximize return on investment and lower lifecycle total cost of ownership
  • Rated for higher gas pressure and temperature to push limits of fuel quality and energy content in combustion
  • Cybersecure on-board driver with easy plug-n-play enables simplified and secure connectivity for configuration, calibration and monitoring
  • On-board driver eliminates cabling and additional cabinets for easier install and lower installation costs

The GS40 is equipped with a cybersecure on-board driver with easy plug-n-play connectivity. This eliminates the need for separate cabinets and wiring, thus reducing your total system cost. The on-board driver can be interfaced to the turbine control via redundant inputs including a configuration of both 4-20mA and CANopen/RT Ethernet position command signals, insuring that if either fails the driver will switch to the healthy input demand signal.

Woodward simplified the service tool connectivity by designing secure Ethernet access to the onboard embedded web server that provides configuration, calibration, and monitoring details to a standard web browser.

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