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 Woodward's Quality Policy        
 Bulgaria - Sofia Illinois - Niles  Michigan - Zeeland 
 ISO9001 and AS9100 Certificate     CAAC (China) Certificate     CAAC (China) Certificate
     EASA (European) Certificate    EASA (European Certificate
 California - Santa Clarita    FAA Air Agency Certificate    FAA Air Agency Certificate
ISO9001 and AS9100 Certificate    ISO9001 and AS9100 Certificate    ISO9001 and AS9100 Certificate
EASA (European) Certificate    ISO14001 Certification    ISO14001 Certificate
 FAA Air Agency Certificate    NADCAP Certification   NADCAP Certificate - Coatings
 ISO14001 Certificate    NADCAP Scope of Accreditation
(Chemical Processing)

  NADCAP Certificate - Heat Treating
 NADCAP Certificate    Operations Specifications      NADCAP Certificate - Materials Testing
 Operations Specification        NADCAP Certificate - Measurement and Inspection
     Illinois - Rockford    NADCAP Certificate - Nonconventional Machining
 Colorado    CAAC (China) Certificate    NADCAP Certificate - Welding
 Operations Specifications    EASA (European) Certificate    Operations Specifications
 ISO14001 Certificate    FAA Air Agency Certificate    
 AS9100 Certificate    ISO9001 and AS9100 Certificate    Scotland, UK - Prestwick
 FAA Air Agency Certificate    ISO14001 Certificate    CAAC (China) Certificate
     JCAB (Japan) Certificate    EASA (European) Certificate
     NADCAP Certificate    FAA Air Agency Certificate
     Operations Specifications    ISO9001 and AS 9100
         ISO14001 Certificate
         TCCA Approval Certificate
         Operations Specifications
         South Carolina - Greenville
         AS9100D Certificate
 Brazil - Campinas   Germany - Kempen   Netherlands - Hoofddorp
 ISO9001 Certificate - English    ISO50001 Main Certificate - English    ISO9001 Certificate
 ISO9001 Certificate - German    ISO50001 Main Certificate - German    
 ISO9001 Certificate - Portuguese    ISO50001 Secondary Certificate - English    Poland - Krakow
 ISO9001 Certificate - Spanish    ISO50001 Secondary Certificate - German    ISO9001 Certificate - English
 NBR ISO9001 Certificate - English    ISO9001 Certificate - English    ISO9001 Certificate - Polish
 NBR ISO9001 Certificate - Portuguese    ISO9001 Certificate - German    ISO14001 Certificate - English
     ISO14001 Certificate - English    ISO14001 Certificate - Polish
 Bulgaria - Sofia    ISO14001 Certificate - German    OHSAS18001 - English
 ISO9001 Certificate    OHSAS 18001:2007 - English    OHSAS18001 - Polish
     OHSAS 18001:2007 - German    NATO Commercial and Government Entity
 China - Suzhou        
 ISO14001 Certificate    Germany - Kempen Power Solutions    United States - Colorado
 ISO9001 Certificate    ISO9001 Certificate - English    ATEX Quality Assurance Notification
     ISO9001 Certificate - German    IECEx Quality Assessment Report
 China - Tianjin    ISO14001 Certificate - English    ISO9001 Certificate
 ISO9001 Certification    ISO14001 Certificate -German    AS9100D Certificate
 ISO14001 Certificate        ISO14001 Certificate
 ATEX Quality Assurance Notification    Germany - Stuttgart    Pressure Equipment 2014/68/EU
     ISO9001 - English    Repair Station Certificate
 Germany - Aken    ISO9001 - German    
 ISO9001 and 14001 Certificate       United States - Greenville, SC
 ISO50001 Certificate    India - Gurgaon   ISO14001 Certificate
 Quality Environmental and Energy Policy    ISO9001 Certificate    ISO9001:2015 Certificate
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