Please select a facility from the below list when making an AOG call. Please be prepared to supply the following information for the Woodward operator or security representative:
  • Contact Name
  • Airline or Customer Name
  • Contact Telephone Number
  • Control S/N
  • Control P/N
  • Aircraft Tail Number
  • Reported problem if available

Normal US Operating Hours (8:00 - 16:00 CST)

During normal operating hours you will be directed to the appropriate Customer Service Manager for immediate assistance with your AOG.

After Normal Operating Hours and Weekend Coverage

After normal operating hours including weekends please be prepared to provide the same information required above. The on-duty security representative will forward the information to the appropriate "on call" AOG support personnel. The designated AOG support personnel will respond directly to the contact person provided.

AOG information for the ATS group (Rockford, Prestwick and Zeeland)

Phone: 815-877-7441
This covers the following cage codes:

AOG information for Airframe Systems:

*NOTE: If part is from Woodward-Niles (CAGE 19710), direct customer to call Skokie AOG support number, 847-673-8300. 

*NOTE: If part is from Woodward-Santa Clarita (CAGE 81873), direct customer to call Santa Clarita facility AOG support number, 661-294-6000.

*NOTE: If part is from Woodward-Drake (CAGE 60029), direct customer to call Drake facility AOG support number, 970-498-3940.