This Version only supports the Flex500 (505) platform. This installation contains:

    • Flex500 Coder 1.03-0
    • Flex500 GAP Template 1.03
    • VxWorks Libraries
    • GNU support

    The Coder software tool is designed to support the creation and compiling of GAP applications for use in Woodward product lines.


    • Footprint Version 5418-6479 D must be used with this release
    • This version of the GAP Programmer is only for Flex500 controls
    • With this version of Coder, use GAP Editor 3.09 or higher.
    • With this version of GAP/Coder, use AppManager 3.07 or higher
    • With this version of GAP/Coder, use SOS 4.07 or higher
    • With this version of GAP/Coder, use Control Assistant 4.08 or higher
    • With this version of GAP/Coder, use Toolkit 4.7 or higher

    What's new:

    • Changes specific to this release:
      Template change to CO_SPC block.
      KBA 18391 add footprint revision to log.txt . Added code to print footprint revision in log.txt on appstart
      KBA 18611 CO_DVP Update DVP TxPDO's
      KBA 18671 Flex1.02 - EGD Multicast only works on ENET Port 1
      KBA 18710 Enable NX19_FPV on Flex_500
      KBA 18711 Enable GAS_FLO_EQ on FLEX_500
      KBA 18717 Flex500 Family - ETH_CFG - Allow ports 2-4 to write IPs to the registry
      KBA 18725 Servlink stack corruption
    • Changes inherited from the Coder trunk relevant to FLEX_500:
      KBA 16759 Add ability to specify delimiter between COM_1 and COM_2 in LATCH_AE
      KBA 16762 ReadEETable Error
      KBA 17406 Tunable Out of Range Not Loading . Added error checks for the bounds when loading tunables.
      KBA 18127 NX19_FPV block help incorrect
      KBA 18160 Fix issue when A_STEP_PER is constant TRUE
      KBA 18200 Coder warning for FBUS blocks . Resolved coder warnings.
      KBA 18317 CURVES_3 Y values not increasing . Added incremental error checks for x and y table for this block.
      KBA 18333 Loading tunables/tuning values on curve blocks does not save . Added code to override the incremental check when in iolock.
      KBA 18334 .Compile warning: 'WGBOOLEAN *' incompatible pointer type 'int *' Resolved coder warnings
      KBA 18461 Servlink TCP not connecting when WGSPL programmed . Changed wgspl code to use a different timer for calculating port expiration.
      KBA 18468 A_CURVE3 block doesnt accept '-' or part #'s. Removed this restriction for A_CURVES3, A_CURVES2, CAL_CURVES3 and CAL_CURVES2 .
      KBA 18504 X_TO_Y block doesn't work in simulation
      KBA 18548 CAN_WRITE COS Timeout Help
      KBA 18555 QUICKCONF Help file has broken Link
      KBA 18569 CURVES_2 with 1 repeat . Added a coder exit if only one repeat. Fixed the template in micronet 1.01 to have a minimum of 2 repeats for this block.
      KBA 18626 Exception from LL_VALUES connected to serial port exit Coder if connected to serial port
      KBA 18276 AO_4_20_FLEX - Readback fault set, when demand change rapidly in slow RG
    • New Functions
      Add LOGICAL_OR output on LATCH_AE and LATCH1
      New Functions
      Add LOGICAL_OR output on LATCH_AE and LATCH1

    System Requirements:

    Installation Instructions:

    1. The first step in installing this software is to download the file from this page. This file is an installation program that will step you through the installation process.
    2. After downloading this file, run it and follow the instructions on the setup dialogs.



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