Singapore Training Centre

PM Control Systems Pte Ltd

The Singapore Training Centre offers theoretical and practical training on many Woodward products. The training facility contains several demonstration models and simulation set-up for standard and customized Woodward controls and applications.


Classes are conducted based on individual customer’s preferred schedule and subject to the availability of our experienced trainers.  Two types of classes are available to meet your training needs:

Customised training courses are designed to meet specific customer’s in-house training requirements. Other than aircraft products, customised training courses for Woodward controls, applications and products can be conducted either in PM Control’s dedicated training facilities or on-site at the customer's request.

Standard training courses cover many common Woodward controls. In these courses, Woodward controls applications, operations, maintenance and troubleshooting are explained with the background of common applications in the industry. Training can be conducted either in PM Control’s dedicated training facilities or conducted in our customer’s location.

Please contact our training centre for more details regarding your Woodward Controls training needs.


Class size of the training courses is limited to provide trainees better opportunities for learning and hands-on experience. To complement the training course, visual aids, hand-outs and publications are often used together with actual hardware used for hand-on experience. The publications are yours to keep for reference. All material for the class will be provided at the training and Certificates of Attendance will also be issued.

Please register early to ensure availability. Each standard training course can be conducted when there are at least 3 confirmed registered trainees.  Do note that class size is limited to a maximum number of 8 trainees per class.


For your training enquiry on or to register for a training class, kindly email to   All registrations must be in advance; preferably at least four weeks before the start of the training course.


All classes are scheduled from 9:00 a.m. (09:00) through 4:30 p.m. (16:30), Mondays to Fridays only.


Quotations are available upon request.  Our class rates do not include accommodation nor transportation for participants. Light lunch and refreshments will be provided throughout the training course if it is conducted in PM Control facilities.


Payment for all classes are to be made at least ten business days before commencement of training classes. We accept payment either in cheques or wired transfer. An invoice will be issued after full payment is made.


If you must make cancellation for a fully paid training course, please notify us as soon as possible. A full refund will be made to those cancelling at least three weeks prior to commencement of class. Otherwise, cancellations are subject to a $500.00 (SGD) cancellation fee. Substitute attendees are permitted up to the starting day of the course only.

Please note that for reasons beyond us and if the training cannot be postponed to an agreeable date, PM Control reserves the right to cancel any class that has been committed and paid for by our customers. In this case, a full refund for payments made and an adequate notification time will be provided to those who already signed up.


Please make accommodation arrangements directly with your preferred hotel.  PM Control will be more than happy to provide assistance when required.

COURSE LISTING (click on course to see description)
Class #100 – 2301A/2301D Load Sharing and Speed Control
Class #101 – 723Plus Digital Speed Control
Class #102 – DSLC-2/MSLC-2
Class #103 – EasyGen 3200 Power Management Control
Class #104 – 505/505E Digital Steam Turbine Speed Control
Class #105 – Mechanical Actuators and Governors
Class #106 – Custom Controls
Class #107 – EasyGen 3500/LS5