AppManager is a Windows® based remote access tool for Vx-Works based Woodward CPUs. AppManager may be used to transfer files to and from a control, to start and stop applications, to configure the control and its network and a variety of other commands.

    What’s new in version 3.17

    • 3.17-2: Fixed some problems in the logic for changing the control's network configuration
    • 3.17-2: Fixed a problem losing timestamps when transferring files over FTP
    • 3.17-2: Fixed an intermittent problem transferring an application to a control group
    • 3.17-1: Fixed a problem issuing a stop command to a GUI application
    • 3.17-1: Updated to a more secure SSH library
    • No longer compatible with Windows NT controls
    • Fixed a problem which sometimes prevented applications from being visible in the Application window
    • Verified compatibility with Windows 11
    • Increased the timeout mutexes for interactive and background connection attempts to improve their success rates
    • Added missing ability to call a group start/stop for a GUI app. Started checking the stop app permissive, when available, before calling "stop"
    • Added an option for a dark window theme
    • Added an interface for reporting and verifying previously unrecognized SSH communications channels "fingerprint" strings

    Previous versions

    • 3.16-4: Compatible with 5418-7799C MicroNet control
    • 3.16-3: Honors Annual Partner licenses for enterprise functionality
    • 3.16-3: SSH and SFTP sessions stay connected when there are file transfer problems
    • 3.16-3: Improved robustness for service packs
    • 3.16-2: Fixed some SFTP connection issues which interfered with service packs on P1020 controls
    • 3.16-2: Disallows overlapping subnets for controls with multiple Ethernet ports
    • 3.16: Compatible with GUI file transfers on new P1020 controls
    • 3.16: Fixed a timing problem which sometimes prevented TCP controls from being discovered through the Administer controls list
    • 3.15-1: Fixed a bug in 3.15 which could prevent starting and stopping applications
    • 3.15: Creates and stores a control information file when performing application backup
    • 3.15: Checks for illegal duplication in control network configurations
    • 3.15: Option to add control group name to file retrieval path
    • 3.14-2: Added app.config override to disable FIPS security compliance requirement. This fixes an issue for some PC security configurations
    • 3.14: Shows special browse folders for file retrieval if the control reports them
    • Service pack control compatibility check (for service packs created after March 2019)
    • Requires Windows Vista/7/8/10/11 (XP no longer supported)
    • New features for generating system reports (log files and zip archive)
    • Regular Expression support in peer-to-peer control discovery (Administer control list) 
    • Can be configured to collect backup system logfiles (useful for controls which have the new tunable logfiles)  Support for a redundant network for file collection.  A backup IP Address may be specified in the file collection dialog for use if communication fails while collecting files from the primary IP Address.   
    • Configurable datalog file purging
    • Flex500 GUI Application View, Commands and File Exploring
    • Simplified regional file time options for various control and file retrieval types (NOTE: Existing options for localization have been reset and may need to be reconfigured)
    • Ability to specify the send and receive ports for Multicast messages used in control discovery

    System Requirements:

    Installation Instructions:

    1. The first step in installing AppManager is to download the file from this page. This file is an installation program that will step you through the installation process.
    2. After downloading this file, run it and follow the instructions in the setup dialogs.

    3. License Part Numbers:
      Datalog retrieval license part number (0-3 nodes): Free
      Datalog retrieval license part number (4+ nodes): 8928-5009



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