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2.0",.625-18,200 ohms,Single Coil

Passive speed magnetic pickup with 50 volt peak-to-peak, 0.625-18 thread at 2.0" length, 200 ohms DC resistance, single coil designed to detect the speed of a prime mover, typically an engine or turbine.
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About 1680-613

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Magnetic pickups are used to control the speed of a prime mover, speed controls compare actual speed to desired, or set, speed. The speed sensor most often used to detect prime mover speed is the magnetic pickup (MPU).  When a magnetic material (usually a gear tooth driven by the prime mover) passes through the magnetic field at the end of the magnetic pickup, a voltage is developed. The frequency of this voltage is translated by the speed control into a signal which accurately depicts the speed of the prime mover. 
  • Type: Passive
  • Use: Speed
  • Peak-to-Peak: 50 Volts
  • Thread: 0.625-18
  • Thread Length:  2.0"
  • DC Resistance:  200 ohms
  • Number of Coils:  Single Coil
  • Produces electrical frequency
  • Easily installed on engine
  • Requires no energizing circuit from control
  • Used with all electronic controls
  • Available for hazardous location installation 

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