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Ethernet Gateway

ESENET is an Ethernet gateway specifically designed to interface Woodward's Easygen series genset controls with Modbus/TCP networks. It interfaces via the load sharing CAN bus with the Woodward controls.
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About 8445-1044

Genset Controller

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The ESENET offers cost savings compared to traditional Modbus/TCP to RTU gateways as no separate RS-485 wiring is required. In addition the ESENET takes advantage of the multi-master capability and fast transmission speed of CAN to offer short Modbus/TCP poll cycles as well as concurrent access. Both cannot be achieved using conventional serial Modbus half-duplex data transfers.
A single ESENET added to the CAN network will make all Visualisation Data of connected Woodward CANopen controls available without adding additional load to the CAN bus communication. In addition concurrent and fast read and write access to device Parameter IDs is possible utilising parallel CANopen SDO transfers.
Usage and configuration of the gateway is simple and conveniently performed using a web browser which connects to the embedded web server.
PLC connection
Power station automation
Operator panel interfacing
Gen set control
Remote control & monitoring
SCADA integration
Data logging
Supports Easygen 3500, 3400, 3200, 3100 and 2000 models
Supports LS-5
Supports DTSC-200
Addresses up to 16 controls
Uses existing CAN wiring
Multiple concurrent Modbus/TCP connections
Fast Modbus poll rates for Visualisation Data (< 7 ms)
Concurrent reads and writes of Parameter IDs
Register layout and address range compatible with serial Modbus data protocol 5003 for Easygen-3000 devices
Internal buffer for Visualisation Data
Supports alternative Modbus register range below address 50000
Transparent handling of data guarantees future compatibility
Low configuration overhead, just an IP address
Embedded web server for easy configuration and commissioning using a web browser

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