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The USB-UART Configuration Cable is used to connect a Woodward control or protection unit with a PC or laptop for configuration and monitoring purposes. It Interfaces with RJ45 Connector and RS-232. The PC/laptop side is separated from the Woodward unit side through galvanic isolation. Part number 5417-557 is dedicated for use with a wide-range of Woodward power management and protection products, including non-XT easYgen devices.
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Dimensions: approximately 85 mm x 50 mm x 22 mm (L x W x H)
Weight: approximately 60 g (without cables)
Transmission: Maximum transmission speed on UART side: 115200 baud

Please download and install the latest VCP driver from:

The appropriate PC software for P/N 5417-557 can be downloaded and installed from the Woodward website:

  • Maximum transmission speed on USB side: 12 Mbit/s (according to USB 2.0 standard)
  • Temperature: Ambient operating temperature: (–20 to +70) °C
  • Storage temperature: (–40 to +85) °C
  • Power supply:
    • 5 V via USB connector (on host PC side)
    • 5 V via RJ45 connector (Woodward unit side—only for P/N 5417-1251)
  • Interfaces: RJ45 connector to Woodward units, which support USB-UART connectivity